"Jamaicans And Friends Working Together"

We are a non-profit organization who have been around for 27 years lending a helping hand to our community. We offer fellowship to our members, scholarships for our students, and events for our community Rockland County, NY.

JAMCCAR  has been empowering and facilitating the economic and political development of the Jamaican-American Community. We promote unity among Jamaicans, Caribbeans and other Pan-African cultures. We give back to the community by giving an opportunity to graduating highschool seniors to apply for scholarship awards. Learn More About Our Events

JAMCCAR has been around for more than 25 years, Throughout the years we have had association and fellowship with Jamaicans and others. We offer Networking and Entrepreneurial opportunities to our member. We meet at a monthly bases.

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JAMCCAR has awarded over 125 scholarships to young talented students throughout the years. We salute all our students because of their academic accomplishments, community service and their ability to be role models to our community. They strive for excellence and we have no doubt in their abilities to succeed in college and have respective careers. We offer scholarships to these kind of unique students. Learn More About How Your Child Can Become Our Next Recipient. 


JAMCCAR Inc., is a non-profit, community organization whose primary mission is to foster good relations and close association with Jamaicans and friends in Rockland County and its environs, with the purpose of promoting the civic, economic, and cultural aspects of the Jamaican, Caribbean, and Pan-African cultures.

Scholarship for Students

One of JAMCCAR’s objectives is to foster the educational development of young peopTo help fulfill this objective, JAMCCAR offers scholarships to eligible college-bound students who will pursue full-time studies.

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Heritage Week

This is our commemoration of Jamaica’s Independence to give a flavor of the island’s cultural celebrations.

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JAMCCAR presents and participates in an annual cricket match in memory of Hon. Kay Baxter, who served as Jamaica’s consul general to Toronto from 1987 to 1992. She was always very supportive and proud of JAMCCAR.

Donations for Jamaica

JAMCCAR hosts local donations to support youth outreach programs in Jamaica.

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Martin Luther King Multi-Purpose Center

JAMCCAR is making a donation to the Martin Luther King Multi-Purpose Center's summer camp.


JAMCCAR has a Steel Band who share their Jamaican and Caribbean heritage with Rockland County through their art and love for music.